Engaged couple!!

Engaged couple!!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pure Slacker = ME

Okay, so I'm not even going to look at the last time I posted on here...needless to say teaching, master classes,and finishing up little odds and ends on of my wedding have taken up so much time! As of now I only have 22 days until my wedding and A LOT left to do! So, if anyone want to write a special education mid term for me or answer some discussion boards or article reviews or my Kentucky Reading Project reflection and poster board... just let me know :)

Today was day four in a row at PB and it's been amazing to get back on schedule, I was doing about 3 days a week but that just doesn't cut IT! I started with Megan on Monday, Barrett on Tuesday (which I'm still sore from, thx girlie), Tara on Wednesday, and Chasity today!!! Great four days with four amazing instructors!! I have to take the day off tomorrow to prepare for my bachlorette party :) I'm SO excited to be starting my fun fill day/night/early morning fun with Barrett's class on Saturday. There will be 3 of us who are PB addicts and 3 who have never been to PB (wish them luck)!! It's such an amazing feeling to start my day with PB and a great way to burn those calories I will be consuming on Sat night!!! I'm hoping to make it to Nicole's class Sunday at 4:15...but we will see what the night brings if I can drag myself in!!

Just looking at that 22, I know I have a lot of work to do at the Barre. Not going to lie, I have had a horrible week of eating but that 22 makes it super real so it looks like strict weight watchers points and tons of fruit, veggies, and water are all in my future like TOMORROW!!!

Just also a shout out to Stacy Vance :) See I told you I would update sometime lol!! Hey you should call me on  your planning to make sure I'm drinking my water and sticking with my fruits and veggies lol!! Or let me chase come kindergartens for exercise!!

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