Engaged couple!!

Engaged couple!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

So Glad To Be Back at the Barre!!

Today was my first class back since last Friday. Barrett's class today was AMAZING!! Her high energy kept me going the entire hour. I didn't come out of a single thigh exercise and I swear it was because of Barrett's encouraging words today. It was so amazing to get back, I can't wait to go  back tomorrow.

Since last week, I have lost 3 pounds and am down to 114.5, and I can fit into my size 2 jeans comfortably. I feel so good about myself and my body right now. I only have 1/2 inch left to lose on my waist and 5 pounds to go before my goals are met. I can't wait to see the changes my body will continue to make over the next 62 days!! I will be having to stay motivated and stick to my schedule. I must attend the 6am classes on Mon and Wed, which will be very hard...I'm not a morning person at ALL!!!

Once again a HUGE thanks to the instructors at Pure Barre!! Can't wait introduce the Pure Barre workout to ladies on my bacholorette party March 10!!

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