Engaged couple!!

Engaged couple!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

71 Days

I had the best PB workout yesterday with Karen!! It was an intensive class, and man can I feel it today...I LOVE IT!! I can't wait until the next intensive class.

When I did the 12 day challenge around Christmas time at PB, I lost an entire dress size. So, now I'm doing my own challenge over the next 10 days and see where I get. I've decided that I will be posting photos of my before bathing suit body and after (which is very scary). I am still doing a great job of maintaining but not of losing like I want to. To help jump start my loss I am saying good bye to alcohol (except an occasional glass of red wine), diet cokes, and pizza (3 of my favorites)!!!

Pictures and new weight coming tomorrow!! Now time to get ready for Chasity's class.

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