Engaged couple!!

Engaged couple!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pure workout!!

     Well I have 84 days until the big day and big debut of me in my amazing wedding dress!! The thought of that is very scary; however it won't be scary for long with the help from the amazing instructors at Pure Barre Louisville. For those of you who don't know I found a new addiction...the Pure Barre workout. Pure Barre instructors have actually made me look forward to working out (never thought I would say that)!! For those people who haven't heard of this workout, you are majorly missing out!! In Pure Barre you use an actually ballet bar and your own body weight to lift, tone, and burn all the most important areas of your body!! Ladies the focus is perfect with emphasis on your thighs, seat, and abs (plus you get a killer arm workout in the warm up).
     Anyway, the purpose of me starting this blog is to track my wedding workout and progress I am making. I will be sharing how I am preparing and how Pure Barre is transforming my body for the big debut. I will be posting my weight (very scary to do on the internet for all to see!) and my measurements tomorrow. If I get brave enough I will post my before and after pictures for all to see. I'm hoping by starting this blog, it will keep me on track for my goals and allows me to share my experiences with my new favorite place...Pure Barre!!

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