Engaged couple!!

Engaged couple!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pure Pick Me Up!!!

Well....I was supposed to post my weight yesterday, but I stepped on the scale and actually gained. I'm very embarrassed to even admit that. The whole day I was upset until I arrived at PB ready to burn off my aggression. Of course I vented to Barrett and Nicole but they assured me I was okay and had nothing to worry about. When I walked into Nicole's class last night, I worked as hard as I think I ever have at PB. I am so thankful for them picking me up and letting me know the scale isn't the only thing that matters. Barrett even took my waist measurement for me and assured me I was fine :) When I told the instructor today, Megan, she also brought up my spirits and let me know it was okay!! Thanks PB ladies for your kind words. Today was day 5 in a row so I have 5 days left before a break.

I also want to thank Stacy Vance for reading my blog. She made my day today when she told me she kept up with it!!!  Stacy also made me feel better about the number that stared at me yesterday when I stepped on the scale, thanks Stacy :)

The diet is going much better now, Jeremy has been very supportive and I know he will help me when I become tempted. I love him to death, but I find it very frustrating that he can sit and eat pizza and drink beer and keep his 6 pack, me on the other hand I gain 4 lbs, then again he is training for triathlons daily!!  I hit up Kroger today for great snacks: celery, carrots, apples, and clementines. I actually made a great strawberry protein shake from Rocco Dispirito's Now Eat This! Diet book. The shake was only 107 calories and was just  frozen strawberries, vanilla protein, sugar free strawberry drink mix,and 2 cups of water. Love, Love, Love that book!!!

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