Engaged couple!!

Engaged couple!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

82 Days To Reach My Goals!!

After posting my measurements yesterday, I've come to my goals!! I would like to lose 8 pounds by the wedding and 2 inches from my waist. Can this be done? I HOPE SO!! I had another amazing class today at PB given by Megan, which I needed a hard class to ,at least somewhat, balance out the cheese sticks and pizza I ate last night with Jeremy (hey you have to cheat sometimes right?!).

The attending PB at least 5 times a week and using Jeremy's TRX thing and exercise ball is easy because I love it, however sticking to a hardcore diet is for sure my down fall!! If anyone has any great diet tips or foods that keep you full PLEASE let me know!! My handful of almonds before workout didn't cut it today!! But for now it's time to catch up and watch The Bachelor with Allison and a glass of red wine (only 1 glass!!).

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